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       Imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective. Such is the beautiful perspective that continues to shape the artistic journey of a kalakshetra alumni couple, founders and directors of Indisha Fine Arts, Sri Nidheesh and Smt. Indu. With the staple perfection of the kalakshetra bani, and the attention to details of the imperfections of daily life, Indu and Nidheesh bring to their dancing an honesty and reality found in our surroundings, by highlighting the beauty and perfection in the subtle imperfections that we all live among. From this they have imbibed a mindset that their art must fulfill a social responsibility in addition to helping themselves reach a higher energy on a personal level.

       The duo feels fortunate for the wealth of opportunities they were given leading to their diploma and post diploma from kalakshetra, and attribute their success to the numerous renowned gurus who have provided guidance and training that they feel blessed to receive. Nidheesh and Indu were conferred the Yuvakalabharathi by Bharathkalachar, Chennai in the year 2015 in recognition for their artistry, and their love and dedication for this art form speaks for itself in their annual and monthly Indisha events, as they pursue this divine artistic journey together.


        Indu and Nidheesh continue to be a great source of inspiration and encouragement to each other, along their journey of performing, creating good work, and taking the arts to higher levels and better places.

Indu Nidheesh

A versatile and talented Narthaki (female dancer) from a very young age, Smt. Indu’s art is of unique caliber, expressive excellence, and depth. She is currently a faculty member at her Alma Mater, Kalakshetra, and a co-director of Indisha along with her husband, Sri. Nidheesh. Her illustrious stage presence and dancing has been noted by several veteran artists, and she continues to beautifully inspire students of Indisha and Kalakshetra alike. Her unique talent to teach and present abhinaya speaks for itself in the depth and attention to detail within it. Indu has also accompanied the Kalakshetra repertory around the world and has played several lead roles in the Arundale productions. Her gift to this art form is her attention to beauty and subtleties, as well as the experience and new perspectives she brings to budding artists of the next generation.

Nidheesh Kumar

As a Narthaka (male dancer) who continues to strive to expand his knowledge and learning horizons, Sri Nidheesh is one of the creative directors of Indisha, who choreographs and creatively imparts knowledge about the arts to the children of the school. ​Nidheesh has had the opportunity to play and perform several powerful, lead characters in many of Smt Rukmini Devi’s productions. He has been noticed and highly praised for his larger-than-life stage presence and immense dedication to the art form. ​He continues to travel the world to perform in several productions in which he is invited to such roles, and he is grateful for the wealth of experiences he has received from his Alma Mater (Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai), and renowned gurus in providing the guidance and inspiration for such experiences in this art form. His inspiring personality continues to enthrall students and rasikas alike, spreading happiness and joy through the medium of his art.

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