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Admission Guidelines 

Registration Fee Of Rs. 1000/- Is Payable At The Time Of Registration. This Is Irrespective Of The Number Of The Number Of Courses Enrolled For.

Minimum Age At Enrollment Is 6, Individuals Below The Minimum Age Requirement Can Be Admitted At The Discretion Of The Management After An Assessment.

Students Once Enrolled With Us Are Expected To Pay For All Twelve Months In A Year Even If He/She Fails To Turn Up For The Lessons. Students Who Are Away For 3 Consecutive Months Will Be Exempted From This.

Individuals Joining From Another Organization Are Required To Attend An Interview, To Be Assessed By The Management Who Will Determined The Year Of Admission.

The Institution Conducts 8 Lessons Per Month. Classes Conducted On 29th,30th , And 31st Of Each Month Will Consider As The Compensation Classes.

If The Classes Are Cancelled By The Management, Replacement Classes Will Be Rescheduled At A Later Date And Students Will Be Informed Accordingly.

All Students Are Expected To Attend The Lessons Regularly In The Dress Code Instructed By The Institution And Those Who Fail To Wear Will Be Paying A Fine Of Rs 100/-No Replacement Classes Will Be Scheduled To Absenteeism For Any Reason.

Students Are Required To Participate Or Attend At 5 Performances In Each Year.

Students Are Asked To Carry Their Own Water Bottles As We Do Concern About Their Health Students Are Required To Earn 80% Of Attendance To Be Eligible To Register For The Annual Examination.

Any Physical Issues/ Health Conditions Should Be Reported To The Concerned Department Tutor. We Believe In Giving The Best To Our Students And Therefore Do Not Encourage Any Opinion From Your Side Unless We Feel It To Be Genuine.

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