Art must find in our lives the prominence and pride of place from which it can serve as a source of inspiration in our daily activities. This is the essence of the vision that Smt. Indu and Sri. Nidheesh have established, of what their art means to them, and how it can be conveyed to future generations of dancers whose lives they touch. 

Nature and its myriad themes have forever inspired art and artistes. Even as we aim to find peace and serenity in the ever-increasing bustle of everyday existence, Indisha aims to anchor us in the pursuit of art. Just as the moon's soothing light gently, yet firmly displaces darkness, Indu and Nidheesh similarly aim to spread the light of knowledge through Indisha. Through this, they hope to instill, in newer generations of dancers, musicians, and artists alike, a renewed appreciation of nature and all the subtle beauties that it stands for. 

Indisha Fine Arts Trust 



Pallava Festival 2020 

July 29th & 30th, 2020 

Our Vision

Through the eyes of our dancers

Respect and adopt

the artistic way of life.

Appreciate the subtleties

of the world around us. 

Aspire for a greater good

in service to the community. 

Help yourself and others reach a higher energy in spirit and happiness.